AWZAR founded in 2006 in Iraq, has providing integrated engineering, technical consultancy, construction, transportation and logistics services since its foundation, AWZAR introduced “In Vehicle Monitoring System” (IVMS) / GPS services in Iraq early 2020 with a cooperation with an International brand and keep adding more product and services to our fleet to support local market.

AWZAR provides the talent, innovation and proven approach and performance to deliver integrated engineering, consultancy and management solutions for private sectors and government’s projects in Kurdistan and Iraq.

A strong team of complementary professionals is essential for success in today’s completion of operations and projects. For this reason, AWZAR is committed to the principle of multi-disciplinary and integrated teamwork approach. By assembling all disciplines within our organization, our clients benefit from a single point of responsibility, fixed accountability, efficient coordination, and effective communication.

AWZAR has established good relations with national and international oil-service companies, construction companies, as well as charitable NGOs. We are also supported by global suppliers, manufactures, local wholesalers and retailers.