Gate Barrier System

Allied Enterprises Located in Qatar is a renowned manufacturer of Gate Barrier systems in Qatar. For your safety purposes we have highly efficient and practical gate barrier systems. A boom barrier, also known as a boom gate, is a bar or pole rotated to bring the boom through a fixed point to prevent vehicle entry. The tip of a boom gate usually rises to a near vertical position in a vertical arc. Boom gates are always counterweighted, so the pole is tipped quickly. Some boom gates also have a second arm which, when lowered, hangs 300 to 400 mm below the upper arm to increase visibility of approach, and which hangs on links so it lies flat with the main boom as the barrier is lifted. Certain barriers also feature a pivot approximately halfway where the outermost half stays horizontal as the barrier is lifted, with the barrier resembling an upside down ‘L’ when lifted.

Boom gates are also coupled either end-to – end or ideally offset in both directions to obstruct traffic.

Automatic Boom Barrier

There are specific techniques for an automated barrier to booming. Another is electromechanical, and is commonly used because of its efficiency. The remaining innovations are also unique to manufacturers. This electromechanical system is fitted with a 24VDC drive unit that can run continuously without generating heat, so that electromechanical boom barriers can be worked continuously and intensively

Operation / Integration of Automatic Boom Barrier

  • An Automatic boom barrier can be operated through
  • Push Button
  • Remote Control
  • RFID Tags / RFID Reader
  • Loop Detector
  • Any third party access control device

Allied Enterprises is the manufacturer of known gate barriers in Qatar.. We as a manufacturer of gate barriers deliver the best automated solutions to boom barriers. Our services with automatic gate barrier systems are available in different countries. We ‘re an effort to provide our clients with the latest and exclusive parking facilities.


For optimum performance and visibility of magnetic barrier systems, we sell a wide range of barrier booms and equipment variants. Our range consists of various vehicle access barriers that can be optimally tailored to your requirements in terms of distance, opening speed, functionality and accessories. Their strong and extremely user-friendly architecture, their creative and economical drive technology and their extraordinary service are some aspects that all our barriers have in common.

Since our inception, we have provided cutting-edge and creative security solutions to provide high quality and reliable gate barriers in qatar for security purposes.

Barrier gates are the perfect solution if you need to monitor vehicle access in public parking areas, parking lots, private and flat entry points, A parking gate barrier system consists mainly of an electric motor. It automatically supplies the power to open and close the doors. A radio signal is sent from an in-vehicle transmitter to a receiver box that is placed near the entrance. The receiver is wired to the control box and activates a circuit that moves the gate opener arm. The gate can then be closed different ways such as pushing the transmitter button again, or the gate can be set to close automatically after a certain period of time

.Allied provides complete  Solutions for all types of Access Control Systems and Specialists in the supply, installation, testing, commissioning & Maintenance of:

Parking Gate barriers / Boom gates for the best price

  • Boom gates are extremely useful as security tools and they greatly enhance the security level of your property
  • Boom gates can also be installed to control traffic on foot
  • We can provide top quality and highly durable car park boom gates for your commercial properties located in Qatar
  • We provide excellent boom gates products and installation and after sale services as well

Security Gate Barrier / Automatic Arm Barrier Provider in Qatar

If you’re looking to buy a robust security gate barrier device from a reputable barrier dealer in Qatar. With the best solution on the market we will assist you. As a leading supplier of such automatic arm barrier systems in Qatar , we provide extensive support to customers looking for a high-quality gate barrier system in Qatar.Automatic drop down Gate barrier, also known as the hydraulic gate barrier device, is a way of limiting vehicle access to your parking spaces. This functions as a safe entry gate in parking areas for cars, monitoring the traffic at your premises.We have completed installation of many barrier gate projects in Qatar,providing robust parking security solutions and systems.

We evaluate and customer’s existing traffic flow and traffic passage issues and suggest the above-mentioned traffic gate barrier solution based on relevant requirements. Security threats have been systematically analyzed, and recommendations will be issued according to the client’s security threats.Being a major gate barrier supplier in Qatar,We do have experienced gate barrier vendors to support us on such automatic gate barrier security gate requirement projects.


Allied Qatar Offers more to you, from speed gates to barriers and turnstiles. One of Qatar industry leaders, we secure assets across the city and area, placing effective protection and access control solutions within every organization’s scope.

For through use, we have a broad range of security gate and access control solutions.

Please contact us for obligation free advice on the most suitable type of vehicle access control or security gate solutions in qatar for your premises. So give us a call today at Allied Enterprises Qatar, your number one provider of gating solutions in Qatar.

Our team are fully trained to the highest standard. We provide on-going servicing, technical support and advise the choice of gate barrier system to our client. .Allied enterprises  provides a complete end to end parking solution with ticketing & automated parking systems.

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