The ALASKA PLUS pump range PUMP introduces a new hydraulic design that gives you an excellent noise performance while it is working at standard conditions. The pumps are self-priming and range from 0.5 Hp up to 3 Hp, and are provided with both single-phase and three-phase motors. A pre-filter has been integrated into the body of the pump to prevent the entry of any foreign bodies which could cause damage to the hydraulic parts of the pump. The motors are supplied with the motor pump unit and have been protected with IP-55 protection to hold hot atmospheres and high humidity levels. These pumps are “GS” certified by TÜV.


Code                                            Description

51858              Alaska Plus 1/2 CV II 230 V, 10.4 m3/h a 8 m

51860              Alaska Plus 3/4 CV II 230 V, 12.7 m3/h a 10 m

51862              Alaska Plus 1 CV II 230 V, 16.4 m3/h a 10 m

51863              Alaska Plus 1 CV III 230/400 V, 16.4 m3/h a 10 m

51864              Alaska Plus 1.5 CV II 230 V, 21.3 m3/h a 10 m

51865              Alaska Plus 1.5 CV III 230/400 V, 21.3 m3/h a 10 m

51866              Alaska Plus 2 CV II 230 V, 23.0 m3/h a 10 m

51867              Alaska Plus 2 CV III 230/400 V, 23.0 m3/h a 10 m

51868              Alaska Plus 3 CV II 230 V, 27.0 m3/h a 10 m

51869              Alaska Plus 3 CV III 230/400 V, 27.0 m3/h a 10 m

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Motor Type

Single phace


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