Good pool maintenance will keep your pool in a perfect state of repair throughout the bathing season, thus ensuring it will work properly. A well designed private pool needs fewer than 20 minutes of maintenance per week, or even less if the products and solutions available on the market are used that automate and simplify this process, such as automatic pool cleaners, and regulation and control systems. Pool maintenance involves more that just looking after water sanitation and clarity. Aspects such as safety, cleaning the pool’s surroundings, the build up of chemical products, the pump room and the fencing around the pool are of vital importance to make the pool a safe place to spend leisure time..

What jobs should be done weekly?

1. Checking the drains at the bottom of the pool, the skimmer baskets and the overflow cannel.
2. Cleaning the pump’s prefilter to prevent dirt from building up, which could reduce its performance.
3. Checking the pressure of the filter and backwashing it. This process is essential for keeping the filter medium in a good state of repair and making the filtration process highly efficient.
4. Cleaning the pool walls and bottom using manual or automatic cleaning equipment..
5. Adding the maintenance dose of algaecide whenever necessary.
6. Filling the skimmers or disinfectant dispensers with trichloride blocks.
7. Checking the levels of your pH regulator, disinfectant and flocculant if you use an automatic chemical product dispensing system.

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